7 Easy Ways to Train Dogs to Be Tame and Obedient That You Can Do at Home


Having a dog is the ideal of some people for a long time. After owning it, not a few owners are confused how to train this four-legged animal. Sometimes, we get annoyed that dogs are getting erratic and disobedient.

That’s why, the owner needs to train his dog properly. Starting from teaching him tricks to how to urinate so as not to be careless. Check out how here!

1. Give the command “sit” or “sit”

According to cesar’s way page, this is a basic obedience order that is easy to teach. Start by bringing treats closer to your dog’s nose, then move your hands up. The dog’s head will automatically follow our hand movements and make his ass come down to the floor.

If the dog is already in a sitting position, say “sit” and give snacks and affectionate snacks. Repeat this command every day until the dog understands it.

2. Give the command “come” or “here”

Want a dog to come to you when you call him? First, show him a treat he really likes, then walk a few steps while calling the dog’s name and saying “come” in a friendly, pleasant voice, advises the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) on its official website.

When your dog comes to you, pet him gently and give him his favorite treat. Gradually increase the distance from the dog while still giving the same commands.

Practice the “come” command indoors first, then try it outdoors. Don’t forget to give compliments like “good boy” or “good girl” if the dog is successful!

3. Give the command “down” or “lay down”

Compared to the previous two commands, the “down” command may feel more difficult. To do this, prepare a snack and hold it in closed hands. Then, bring your hand to the dog’s muzzle and let him sniff it.

When your dog sniffs, move your hand to the floor for him to follow. After the dog has lowered itself, say “down” and offer treats and affectionate caresses. However, if your dog tries to sit up or jump on your hand, say a firm “no”.

The “down” command is useful for keeping dogs calm and relaxed, especially for dogs that are agitated or frightened, says Cesar’s Way page.

4. Give the “stay” command to stay in place

To practice the “stay” command, the dog must first master the “sit” command. First, ask the dog to sit down, then open your palms in front of the dog while saying “stay” and take a few steps back.

If the dog is obedient, give treats and petting affection. Repeat this command until the dog understands. The “stay” command is a form of self-control exercise for dogs. Because, the dog was ordered to stay in place and patiently wait.

5. Give the command “leave it” to leave something

Your dog looks curious about something, but maybe it looks dangerous? The “leave it” command works! The trick is to place a snack in both hands, then show a fist with a snack in it and say “leave it”.

Perhaps the dog doesn’t obey right away and instead tries to lick, sniff, scratch, or bark to get the treat. We simply ignore his behavior.

When the dog has stopped, give a treat from the other hand. Do this command over and over again until the dog really understands it. We are considered successful if the dog consistently stays away when the command “leave it” is spoken.

6. Practice potty training so that dogs don’t defecate

Annoyed that your dog is littering at home and smells bad? Practicing potty training from an early age is the solution!

Prepare a special mat for the dog to defecate. Watch for signs that your dog is “crushing,” such as sniffing, circling, barking, whining, or scratching at the door.

If the dog behaves in this way, clap loudly to warn that the dog has done something wrong. After that, lead or take the dog to a special mat to relieve himself. If your dog manages to comply, give him praise, treats, and affectionate petting.

7. Give the command “high five” for a high five with our hands

If the dog does something great, celebrate with a high five. Do this trick in a quiet, distraction-free place. Don’t forget to have her favorite delicious treat, such as a slice of bacon or a small piece of cheese.

Put a snack in your hand and make a fist. Then, place your fist in front of the dog’s nose. Wait until he is impatient and his hand reaches ours, then say “high five”. If successful, give a treat as a reward and repeat up to 5-10 times.

Well, that’s an easy way to train a dog and its commands that can be practiced. Let’s try it on your favorite dog

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